My IT experience

While my skills in prgraming are not yet good enought to write advanced programmes my ability to abstraction and logical thinking is an advantage in programing. I am strongly determinated to improved my skils to the profesional level

  • Why programing

  • I believe that our social and profesional life will be more and more depended on devices that will use programs to work. This is a reason that skills in programig on profesional level will give me possibility to find interesting job

  • What do I want to achive

  • I am going to be able to write a code for web pages. I am also interested in data bases, so I'm going to know, how to write code in these areas.

  • My past achivement

  • So far my achivment are not big but there are a few things worthy to mention.

    1. I can work with spreadsheets such as MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc and similar on very advanced way, building multispread sheets aplikations that use many avaible tools incliding macros, tables, advanced mathematical and logical functions.
    2. I've build and susteined web pages
    3. I created, sustained and run internet fora. It incuded setting forums on server and its administration
    4. I've written small programs, mainly for training in python.

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